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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Music Lovers Family

Listening to good Music brings joy to my heart especially when I listen to church hymns. My family and I love music and it has become part of our everyday lives. We listen and sing together and that is so much fun. I am glad that I have come to love country songs when I got here in United States and I even bought some CD's back in Texas. Before my husband and I buy music, we make sure that we read music reviews especially now that we have a little one at home. We want him to be exposed to good music that will uplift and inspire him, plus he doesn't love loud music himself which is good! Country Music Reviews are one of the best music reviews we love to read, too! It gives us ideas which one is best for us and our lifestyle. What about you?


Leslie Ann said...

i love music too! it relaxes you in a different way, and it can also perk you up far better than coffee can.

Maus said...

hello ate ces
music also is my soul i cant live without music..nakakarelax talaga.

Michelle said...

I love music too. Listening to it is so relaxing. Thanks for sharing today.