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Monday, February 16, 2009

Writing a Note Tips

Four easy tips for making note writing part of your routine
Set up monthly reminders. Sign up for a birthday-reminder e-mail or mark dates on a calendar on your computer or in the monthly section of your date book. On the first of every month, check what’s coming up and buy whatever cards you need for the month in one trip.
Keep note-writing accoutrements in one convenient place. Have on hand greeting cards, paper, blank note cards, stamps, and return-address labels.
Pack them in your purse. Carry a couple of cards, stamps, and pens to pull out when you have downtime at the doctor’s office or the DMV or over a quiet lunch. Or keep a stash of stamped postcards on which you can jot a note anytime, then drop in a mailbox.
Remember that bigger isn’t better. Buy small note cards to avoid being intimidated by a big, blank page.

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