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Monday, February 23, 2009

Moving 101

In today's world, we're often on the move. But the excitement and anticipation of moving somewhere new are often overshadowed by all the work that lies ahead: the sorting the packing and heavy lifting. To make things easier for ourselves, as well as for anyone who is helping, there is much we can do ahead of time. Here are some tips on how experienced movers often handle the job.

De-junk. start by sorting through drawers, cupboards, closets and the garage. Sell or donate excess items.
Rent needed equipment. Assess your furniture-moving needs ahead of time and reserve dollies or other equipment to help you move the big items.
Ask for help. enlist family and friends to help with packing and loading.
Get lots of packing materials. Find or purchase plenty of boxes. You will also need sticky labels, marking pens, newspapers or other filler and packing tape. You may also want to have old blankets on hand to keep furniture from getting scratched.
Label. Write on or color-code your packing boxes. Colored, peel-off stickers, available at office supplies stores, can indicate at a glance where a box belongs. If you like, you can label the boxes according to where they will go in the next house.
Prepare personal items. Use your car to store toiletries, medicine, and other personal items you will need during the move. You might also want to keep plastic utensils, cups, and paper plates on hand.
Pack valuables. don't delegate this task; only you know how your valuables should be treated.
Pack the walls. Take down pictures,, decorations and curtains...anything that are not screwed in to the wall or part of the home sale.
Unplug. Before anything is moved, unhook cords or cables that might get lost or disorganized. Neatly coil and label them before packing.
Feed the crew. The day of the move, have simple food and drinks on hand. This does wonders to keep everyone energized and in good spirits.
Set aside cleaning supply. Once everything is out of the house, you will be able to clean quickly if your well stocked and organized.

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