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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Astrological Chocolate Guide to Love

I know Valentines Day is over as well as the celebration of it. But I can't help but post this one. I just think that love should be celebrated every day instead just on Valentines Day! Anyway, here it is...hope you guys have fun reading it! I am Pisces, that is true maybe because I am not a fan of chocolates!

Wrapped in a heart-shaped box with a big bow -- or piece by piece savoring every magnificent morsel? Here's the Astrological insight into the way each Sun Sign craves and consumes chocolate.

Aries eats all of the chocolates in one sitting.
Taurus tends to buy two boxes and leave only the orange ones for you.
Gemini makes their chocolate choice by sticking their finger in each piece.
Cancer draws it out to make even the smallest box last for a month.
Leo likes to own all the chocolates first.
Virgo cuts their chocolates up into small, manageable bites with a knife and fork.
Libra chooses two boxes of chocolates, white and dark; one for you, one for them.
Scorpio can't resist rubbing the chocolates all over their partner and licking it off.
Sagittarius only orders foreign chocolates.
Capricorn seeks perfection in picking truffles of the best variety.
Aquarius skips chocolates altogether -- they prefer a box of carob and raisin health bars.
Pisces tends to share them all and forget to leave one for themselves.


Dhemz said...

hhaah...ang ako te kay LEO: wants to all the choc first? hehhehe....I dont agree....hehhehe! joke

Clarissa said...

Scorpio can't resist rubbing the chocolates all over their partner and licking it off.

Hahahaha!!!SShhhhh!!Nabubuking naman ako nyan eh!lol!

chubskulit said...

im not very fond of chocolates ate hehehe