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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Make Your Easter Celebrations the Best Ever!

We normally celebrate Easter by coloring boiled eggs as a family day before. Then, hide the eggs when my son is sleeping. The next day we would just watch our son find eggs in the backyard. We always have fun doing the eggs hunting. Then, we would go to church. After church, I will just prepare a nice meal. This year I am planning to make it a little bit special since we will be moving close to my in-laws. I will make a nice lunch for us in addition to what we normally do. I am going to bake cupcakes also for dessert. I am thinking it would be very nice to eat out. So, I am going to set a table in the backyard and decorate it with easter table decorations. While browsing Easter decorations at, I have found out some nice ideas and I wanted to incorporate one of them into the Easter table. I am going to decorate the table with Eggs in a Nest Place Cards and will ask my son to help me with. For the meal, I also saw Julia Child's menu and decided to try it as well. After lunch, we will rest a little bit, and then play games and then maybe after that go for a nice walk since we all like to go for a walk after dinner. We will end the Eater celebration with a family gospel study focusing on Jesus Death and Resurrection. Oh. Boy, I am excited! I can't wait for it to happen. It would be very nice for all of us to celebrates this year's Easter. If you guys want some ideas on how you celebrate Easter, you can visit , they have tons of ideas for every occasions.


Clarissa said...

Ganyan ba ang celebrations dyan ng Easter?Parang ang saya!Promise to post the events ok?!

ingrid camacho said...

Hello I just stopped by your site and love all your family photos and your family ideas! America needs more families like yours.

Ingrid camacho