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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Headache, You Can Ease the Pain!

Next time you get a nagging headache, try a little fingertip therapy. You might feel better more quickly without taking medicine. I think it is great!
RealAge experts Mehmet Oz, MD, and Michael Roizen, MD, recommend massaging these acupressure points to ease the grip of a tension headache.

~~Your temporalis muscle: With your index and middle fingers, apply pressure to your temporalis muscle. It’s that tender spot where you feel a muscle move when you clench your teeth.
~~Behind your ears: Using your thumbs, massage in a circular motion the spots just underneath the large bones behind your ears.
~~Between your eyes: With your middle finger and thumb, gently pinch the skin just above your nose and press upward so you feel the pressure around your eyebrows.
~~The web of your hand: Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the fleshy pad of skin between the thumb and index finger on your opposite hand.


iceah said...

I have tried this it is really good c: also apply it to my hubby when he has a headache c:

schizoshrink said...

hey thanks for the tip!

amiable amy said...

i did this kind of therapy too Ces, it really is comforting and very helpful, lam mo na i have migraine...this info would back it up that i am not alone in doing this strategy