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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Since nobody will tag us with this, I took the liberty of grabbing it over Amy's blog. Thanks, dear for letting us grab this one and for sharing it with us. It is always nice to know more about you, friend :-). Since she wrote Amy-ology, I posted the title Cecile-ology...sounds like science...huh!

1. What is your salad dressing of choice? Honey Mustard
2. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? TGI Friday
3. What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of? Beef Steak
4. What are your pizza toppings of choice? Pineapple and Canadian Bacon
5. What do you like to put on your toast? Butter, Cinnamon and sugar

1. How many television sets are in your house? Two
2. What color cell phone do you have? Silver
3. Do you own a laptop? Yes
4. Do you own an ps3? No
5. What kind of cellphone do you have? Nokia

1. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right-Handed
2. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? None
3. Have you ever had any surgery? Yes, at least 10 times (ask me why?)
4. How much do you weigh? 134 lbs and losing
5. How tall are you? 5 ' 0''

1. Favorite season? Spring
2. Favorite holiday? Christmas
3. Favorite day of the week? Sunday
4. Favorite month? September
5. Favorite brand of chocolate? Dove, Hershey and Ferrero Roche

1. Currently missing someone? Yes, my parents
2. Current mood? Sleepy
3. Currently listening to? sound of the laptop I am using right now. Can you imagine how quiet it is here today? I am alone, that's why
4. Currently watching? Good Morning America
5. Currently worrying about? Hubby's job search

If you love this , feel free to grab it. Let me know so I can comment, as Amy said :-)!


chubskulit said...

very nice tag, dami ko na natutunan about you mare eheste ate pala hehehe...

amiable amy said...

heheehe....hala ngano man 10x naka experienced surgery Ces? super jud imo spirit noh?admirable kaayo kay nalampasan nimo tanan....

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Cecile said...

thanks, Rose :-), one way of letting people know you better, di ba?

Cecile said...

Amy. mao lagi, c- section, abdominal surgery, biopsy 2x (both kidneys), grafts both arms 2x and at least 4x of unclogging the grafts and the major surgery, kidney transplat.

Akong bana nahadlok gani kay abiniya dili ko ka survive, but in my heart i know all along i will hehehe, i owe everything to God, he lets me leave for the second time yipee!

Cecile said...

thanks, Shauni ;-0 hope you visit me back ;-) take care!

Madz said...

uy very interesting jud! uummm beauty nto te, as in blooming man ka karon...balato be... hehehhe... ako pod ni igrab bi, thanks for letting us know about you more....mwah mwah wmah, stay sweet..... take care & God bless te and family

Umma said...

Daghan ka diay encountered surgery Ces? wow! super lakas loob mo..di ka ba naging forgetful after the surgery.. kasi me naging forgetful na after my CS haha

shydub said...

I learn more and more about you ces through tags and awards and of course your ketchen. nice tag.

Clarissa said...

Ate Ces,ang alam ko lang is kidney transplant at C-section--meron pa pala?!!Grabe!Ang lakas ng loob mo,Te!After mong naranasan yung 1st tapos yung 2nd operation,anong naramdaman mo nung 3rd at nung sumunod?

Cecile said...

Umma and Clarissa, after two surgeries, i didn't really feel anything, it was like ok, let's do it.