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Monday, February 23, 2009

Our weekend Trip to Virginia Beach

This weekends, we went to Virginia Beach to send my Balikbayan Box to my family in the Philippines. Because we woke up late, it took a while before I finally finished packing the box up. It was like almost lunch time before we left home. We got there at 1:45 in the afternoon, ate our lunch at Filipino restaurant and then, headed to the Forex Office only to find out they closed at 3pm. Oh my, we were only 10 minutes late. Anyway, it was one of our plan to see the Chesapeake Bridge, a 30 minutes long drive bridge, but we didn't get the chance to do that, not even see the beach. We just hang out there talk with Filipinos and shop at Filipino Store. We still enjoyed our trip there though we didn't accomplish much. We will go back there this Saturday, and hopefully will see the beach and chesapeake bay bridge. No picutres taken, but 2 when we drove inside the tunnel.

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