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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Truly Unique Seafood Dining Experience!

It’s Valentines Day today! My husband and I together with our four year old son decided to celebrate it in the morning by going for a bike ride since the weather is pretty nice. Then, after the bike, we headed back home to get ready for a nice lunch. We decided to eat lunch out instead of dinner because we knew the restaurants will be busy at night. The plan was to eat at TGI Friday, but it was too far away to drive and we were all hungry already. On the way to TGI Friday, we passed by Shoney’s restaurant and agreed to eat there instead. It was a nice lunch because they served seafood buffet and steak. It was a good deal for $12.50 /person and a kid under 5 is free! My son really likes the shrimp they served as well as the green beans. We really enjoyed the meal because we love seafood plus the price was very affordable.Talking about seafood, if you happened to be in Florida, particularly in Orlando, you might want to visit the seafood restaurant which is one of the best restaurants Orlando. As sleek as a 1930s, yet as relaxed as a dinner on the shore, this restaurant provides the perfect setting to enjoy Ultra-Fresh seafood, flown in daily from around the world and serves the best seafood. And if you happen to be in Texas, visit their Houston restaurants. You will be Impressed with their very knowledgeable staff who does exceptional service and that will assists you with the menu and stuffs. Why don’t you bring you wife or sweetheart there to enjoy a fine dining experience? And discover why it is voted as one of the best seafood restaurants in town!

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