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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What’s the Difference between Generic versus Brand Name Drugs?

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You’re sick, and despite money being tight, you need medication. Your doctor prescribes you a brand name drug, but the co-pay on the generic variety is cheaper. What do you do? Is there a difference? With spending on health care at an all time high—approximately $2.2 trillion dollars in 2007—it’s no wonder that 67 percent of medications dispensed were generic brands. In some cases generics can come at less than one-third the price of brand-names. So, when buying generic brands, are you getting what you pay for? Is there actually a benefit to buying brand-names over generics? Here, answers to your most common prescription queries.
Are generics of less quality than brand-names? Because generics’ prices are substantially lower than their brand-name counterparts, consumers worry about the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Despite price differences, generics are exact replicas of the brand-name drug they are copying. They have the same effects and side effects, usage, dosage, risks, and safety of the original. By law, the generic must work just the same as the other brand. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires both brand-name and generic manufacturing plants to use the same safety and control standards. Essentially, there is no difference between generic and brand name drugs.


Emmie said...

this issue has been around for so long :) it is about time something is done about it x

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Thanks for the info. :)

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She said...

Iyan din and sinasabi sa akin ng pharmacist kapag nag tatanong ako tungkol sa generic medicines kaya kapag tight ang budget, i go to generic kasi ang laki naman talaga ng difference.

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