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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cecilia Means: CHIC!

What Cecilia Means: C is for Chic

C is for Chic

E is for Enchanting

C is for Classy

I is for Ideal

L is for Lively

I is for Important

A is for Ambitious

I was just trying to cheer myself up by doing this test :-). Kind of boring day today. Jake and I went grocery shopping. We bought Matt a Valentine Day present. It is a surprise for him! I bought him a card, chocolate and a cellphone since he has been complaining about his old one. I just hope he likes it. Anyway, tonight we have a meeting with Jake teacher for a Parent and Teacher Conference.


Dhemz said...

Wow...hehhehe...ka sweet ba kaayo sa asawa...hehhe..ako te kay nag buy sad ko today ug VD present para kay Greg...hehhe...I bought him shirt and pants....wapa ang chocolate ug card...kay unya ug makit-an....hahhaha! ako sab te uy boring sad akong day today...hhehe...:)

Uy maayo..kay nalingaw nimo imo kaugalingon..hehhe..take take lang....joke...ako sad mag take sad ko ani...hehhe! good to know about your name's meaning...hehhe...unsa kaha gift ni Kuya Matt sa imo te no? hheheh...:)

Clarissa said...

Ang sweet mo naman sa asawa mo,Te!We will be going to our in-laws home karong VD(T_T)