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Friday, July 3, 2009

Hanks Clothing

Before I came here to U.S., my waistline was size 6. For a Filipino like me, that size is perfect! I can wear whatever clothes I want without any problem. But in six months time of living here in the U.S., my waistline gradually changed from size 6 to 12; and I couldn't wear my clothes anymore. I have to buy bigger size clothes and that is not fun at all. I was very worried that wearing bigger size will make me look bad, plus I had a hard time finding clothes, too that are modest. Then one day, I stumbled in to a website that offers modest clothing that fits my size; I have found women's dressy tops and evening tops as well. Thank goodness, I don't need to worry about looking and feling bad! So if you are looking for bigger size clothes, you should visit carhartt clothing where you will find nice, quality and inexpensive clothes that will fit your size. They also provide tips on how to look better and with confidence.

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