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Monday, July 6, 2009

Jake's Birthday Party

Lately, we have been sleeping late, and that is why we also wake up late in the morning, like at 11 in the morning. Today, we woke up the same time again, so no breakfast for us. We decided to go eat at our fave resto with Ate Delia. After lunch, we went to the mall to buy our son pants since he has out grown most of his pants. But we didn't buy him, not even a single one because even though they are on sale at JC Penney, they are still expensive. We decided to go to Wal Mart later and buy there instead. On the other hand, hubby, Ate Delia and me got a nice deal with our clothes. It is good thing that we went there because we saw Amazing Jake, it's kind of like a Chuck E Cheeses where we can do Jake birthday party for an affordable price. We don't have to worry about everything because it will all be provided by them even cakes, and give aways; plus it is a buffet where we can all have all you can eat pizza, salad and drinks. I think for a $100 for ten person, it would be a good deal. What do you guys think?


pehpot said...

I like shopping at Walmart too.. praktikal..

and that's a good deal for a party ha.

Make or Break

chubskulit said...

Magandang idea yan ate..

We got back since Sunday but wasn't able to visit blogs till now. They got sick (diarrhea) except me. We actually brought EJ to the hospital today because he is fevered (still is till now.).

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging words you said and left at my blogs. For the sympathy and prayers, and for those who shared their blessings to the family! May God bless you all for your compassionate hearts!