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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Save Your Company By Merging Or Selling

Recession did cause many businesses to close and some even filed for bankruptcy. One of them was the company where my husband used to work. I just think they could have survived the economic crisis had they merged forces with another company to the advantage of Generational Equity that works in the middle market space for as much as $50M companies. Just recently, I heard on the news that some companies are buying and merging even selling their company to avoid closing them down to survive, like the Fiat, GM and Chrysler. So, if you own a business, and is badly affected by the economic meltdown, you should consider doing this thing.


Imelda said...

yes its a good thing to merge than lose a business invested not only with blood money but with all the sweat and efforts. Its like a dream shattered to pieces.

ty for the visit ces, my son was still having fever but he went out to watch basketball.when he went back he says his fever is gone. i hope its totally gone, he can play his basketball all the time when he is super fine already.

Umma {^o^} said...

Hello Ces, quick visit here too.. just trying to catch up blog hopping since I wasnt around for a month.