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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cure for Yeast Infection and Indigestion

When I gave birth to my son via c-section, I got infection after four days. The result, I was admitted to the hospital and eventually decided to have abdominal surgery. After the surgery, my fever didn't subside; so the attending doctors prescribed me different antibiotic one after another. With these antibiotics none of them work but one; but I also got yeast infection which means imbalance of yeast and micro flora in my digestive tract. These two ensure our bodies are functioning well for as long as we live. Antibiotics as well as the toxic from the foods we eat wipe out and remove all the bacteria from our system, be it good or bad, thus losing our digestive systems natural balace. Good thing there is a dietary supplement called 3lac; this helps regain a healthy balance to our body. Unlike other dietary supplement, threelac is natural treatment for different fungi and yeast overgrowth such as yeast infections, candida , pH imbalance, migraines, indigestion and even heartburn.

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