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Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Old House for Sale Again!?

Yes, you read it right, our old house we sold one and a half year ago due to job relocation is in the market again. I still want the house back, but hubby says the price is more than the price we asked for it when we sold it, considering that the current owner didn't do much but put a garbage disposal and the patio is not as inviting as it used to when we sold it to her. One more thing, she has two pets (dog and cat), which we really tried to avoid when buying a house. But if she lowers the price, maybe we will consider buying it back to her. I am a sentimental person that is why I want it back because of all the memories, hard work and love we put into it.

My husband said that when it is time for us to buy a house again, it would be a townhouse with small yard and definitely no repair or renovation to be done. Our old house has a big yard especially in the back and we did tons of repairing ourselves including totally renovated kitchen, interior painting, covered and screened patio, driveway extension, new roofing, new windows, insulation, new flooring wood and carpet flooring, new HVAC system, and new washer, dryer, stove and dishwasher. I am still praying that hubby would change his mind about it and agrees to buy it back. It is not a big house, but I don't care, I don't need a big house, anyway.


Joops said...

Yeah it is hard to let of a sentimental thing that you build memories with..

I love a house that has a big yard..

Dana Telecom said...

Hope you can get back your old house.

Dhemz said...

my gosh...totally a nice and a decent abode....dami man diay ninyo g upgrade ani nga house wonder....hope you will get it back...fingers crossed....:)

shydub said...

Sus kadali gipatas an sa price sa inyong house no. Na pag buy nlng mo ug new ces, oi just what like your hubby said buy a town house. When joe read your address he said, wow they live in a nice neighborhood in texas, its a rich neighborhood daw. He lived in texas before thats why he knows which are the bad and nice places there.

charlesalvarez23 said...

This was an amazing blog. I love your house though it is an old house but for me it was simple yet beautiful. It was a cool post and I felt that you are a lucky woman having your love ones was really fabulous and I know that if one thing has a sintemental value it was really hard to let go, anyways, big thanks and God bless.

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