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Monday, August 10, 2009

Favitt, Google's New Custom Search Engine!

Computer and internet is one thing I can safely say that I cannot live without. With the use of search engine like Yahoo and Google, I can easily do whatever I want, from shopping online to finding almost everything like finding answer to questions. Anyway, have you heard about Favitt? Favitt is a new Google custom search box that is different from Google which is in the middle and is plain. With Favitt, you can customize your own desktop with your own photo instead of just plain white background. It's like your own desktop wallpaper. Don't worry because this is simple and easy to do; all you have to is go to where you can find a tab at the bottom that says “choose your own background.” or “choose one of the backgrounds that is available.” And when your are done; you can choose your own username, pick the photo and then upload it. You can even customize your search box position from either default, upper left or upper right. Try uploading a family photo, a photo or your vacation and so on. I have created my own favitt page. You can check it out here. I really like this one better than the one I have before. So if you want to personalize your search engine, just visit their website and get started. I am sure you will love favitt as much as I do!



shydub said...

I love you picture in your favitt ces, what a nice family portrait

iceah said...

Happy Bday Jake looks like malapit na talaga maging binata yan daming girls maghahabol dyan :p Bantayan mo mareng Ces c: