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Monday, August 24, 2009

To Juliet....

I met Juliet 5 years ago through her husband, Earnest who is my husband's friend and co worker before back in T.I. She is one of the nicest person I have ever met when I got here in the U.S. A friendly, humble, hardworking and responsible wife and mother, simple and yet pretty person. We became very close after our first meeting. She was the one who introduced blog with me...and I am grateful for that....if not from her, I would have not known blogging and would have never met you guys! Thanks, dear for your friendship and for being "you!" And thanks for inviting us over on your birthday celebration yesterday! It is always fun being with you and your family every time we visit each other! myspace graphic comments....friend from Us, the Kenyon's
Matt, Cecile and Jacob :-)!

We Wish You All the Best in All the Years Ahead...Have Fun on Your Special Day!


Rossel said...

happy birthday to your friend, ces! you're blessed with good friends.

Mom of Four said...

Ang sweet naman ni ate Cecil..Baket ako di inimbita ni Juliet??

shydub said...

Birthday pala ni Juliet pang ilang taon na ba? hehehe Happy Birthday Juliet and may you have more bellesing and birthdays to come.
Napaka sweet and nice friend talaga ni cecile, always remember her friends special days. Im glad im one your dearest friend ces.
Nice ka dha ces, kay naa man jd ka suod nga kaila nga naa ra sa texas, naa ka kasuroyan when you feel bored. Sus maynalng juliet introduced you this blogging world, nag ila ta dri. Hopefully one day magkita sd ta sa, bisag dri or sa pinas. Nindot sad if magkita ta sa london or europe, or branson missouri hehehe just kidding. Pangpakatawa sa manic monday.

Juliet said...

hi cel, na shock ako nang makita ko piture ko dito hehe! thanks cel. may post din ako duon sa pastime blog ko tingnan mo. tc

Joops said...

Happy birthday to Ms. Juliet!

by the way, the url for my new blog is