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Friday, August 21, 2009

Party Ideas for All Occasion

I never had the experienced of having a back to school party when I was still at school. In the country where I grew up, though the weather there is hot at summertime, hosting a summer or back to school party is not very popular. I have always wanted to attend a back to school/summer party; I think it would be fun for both kids and parents alike. Since the school starts in just a few days, it would be nice to host a “Back to School Night Family Dinner Party.” Of course the theme of the party would be “Back to School.” I would invite my friends at church who have kids who are my son's age which is 6 year old and under. I am sure all who would attend will have so much fun since I would like to do it in my place since there is a little park there as well as a swimming pool which is perfect for hot summer night. I would decorate it with hand made school d├ęcor and fill favor bags with these cool school items like: erasers, pencil, glue and crayons. Then last but not the least I will serve foods that are kids friendly like fruits, chicken nuggets, pizza, and juice. This party would very simple yet with lots of fun.

How about you? Are you planning to hold a party anytime soon? If so, I suggest that you check the website I came across with where you will find tons of ideas for any party you want. Ideas for party themes, decorations, foods and even party favors. You will be amazed with what you will find in there. Whatever party you want from Halloween party ideas, Bridal party ideas, Graduation parties, Kids birthday party and more, they have got you covered. I really like the website because you can even find recipes that you can use for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Visit now for more party ideas and favors. I have attended quite few parties since I got here in United States and the Summertime Party held at church is one of my favorite. The theme was “Hawaiian Style” and we all had a blast from that party!

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