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Friday, August 21, 2009

Your Financial Guidance

Two years ago, my husband experienced the one thing we didn't think will ever happened with him. He got laid off from his job of seven years. We were both devastated by that. It put so much stress in our lives. The only consolation we got was the company he worked for gave everyone who was laid off enough time to find new jobs. Thank goodness we only waited one month for his new job. We were relocated in VA after we sold our house and moved right away. We didn't get enough time to withdraw our 401K. We thought of transferring it to CD, but never happened. The result, we lost some of our money because of the economic crisis that has happened since. My husband is back to his old job after getting laid off for the second time in just a little over a year. Our money is still there where it was before and still we don't know what we will do with it. We still want to learn about the stock market and investment strategies so we can move our money where it needs to be. Thanks goodness there is a website that can help us and that is At Young, you will find answers for any financial problem you are facing, be it credit and debts, financial aid, investing, money management, shopping, and more. I really like that Young Money has a mortgage payoff calculator that can help homeowners show much interest they can save by increasing their mortgage payment and see complete amortization payment schedule, and how much they can save on their monthly mortgage. I am convinced that we need financial planner who can help us invest our money into something that would make our money earn instead of losing them. So, if you are in need of help with any financial issue you are facing, you should check this website out and stop worrying. Claim your financial freedom back now!

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