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Friday, August 28, 2009

Trendy and Cute Maternity Clothes

When we lost our first child, my doctor told me not to get pregnant again because of my health issue. But we got pregnant anyway, and we were the happiest couple around. We were so excited that though it was still early to buy maternity clothes, we started looking for maternity clothes I could wear when my tummy gets bigger. Good thing that there was and is a place to buy cute, and trendy maternity clothes and that is at KikiFashions.

This online store sells unique selection of clothes for pregnant women that are affordable. I really like their designs because they are not the typical boxy clothing you would find in the market today. Right now, you can save 20% when you used the code blogfriends at the check out if you are a blogger or a blogger's friend. For all your matenity clothes need, look no further for is just a click away!


S-H-Y said...

Wow I would love to purchase some of this when I get pregnant soon :P..

imelda said...

id like to have this if i get preggy, too after i have seen mr right for me, lol.