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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help Promote!

Guest Post by Jay Z. specializes in providing eco-friendly promotional products to companies that want to expand customer awareness in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Other groups, such as schools or charitable organizations, can sponsor fundraising efforts with a conscience by offering organic, natural, or sustainable products for sale.
Especially impressive is their 100 percent organic, cotton full, color custom print T-shirt. These are perfect for promotional purposes, as any picture in any color can be printed on the shirt. They are not printed using silk screening, but rather with water-based inks, which are much more environmentally friendly. The process is similar to that used by an inkjet printer, in fact. Silk screening also limits the number of colors available for the printing, but with the inks, those constraints vanish. All that is needed to customize the shirt is a digital image in JPG or PNG format, which can easily be uploaded to the website upon ordering. Furthermore, while one might assume that these custom organic t shirt would be costly, they are actually very reasonably priced at $9 a piece. is working to do its part in promoting eco-friendly manufacturing and production, as well as eco-friendly advertising or fundraising on the part of its customers. Only a handful of other companies use this eco-friendly printing process, and Green Benefits is the only company using this process with organic clothing materials. There is no better way to promote your business or raise funds for a cause than with these environmentally friendly custom T-shirts.

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