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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Best friend!

I used to have a boyfriend who was very closed to me. We met at church and became very close since. He is a nice guy and really have a huge crush with one of my best friends. Unfortunately, my best friend didn't have any feeling for him at all. And he was fine with that. We all remained best friends despite of that. Anyway, I really like him because he was there when the very first man I loved broke up with me. He was so caring and concerned with me. He was very upset with with my ex-bf and with me, too! Why, because I was so depressed, didn't want to eat or do anything. All I did was cry all the time. Anyway, he helped me get through with it. I am just sad that since he got married, our communication was cut off. I don't have any clue of his whereabouts. Anyway, this post is especially made for him...wherever he is right now. I hope he is happy with his family. Peter, this is for you!

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Mom of Four said...

Wow, how thoughtful of you to dedicate this post to your friend. Hopefully this post can reach him..

Joops said...

hmmmnnn reminiscing hehehe

iceah said...

sweet naman nito mare c: alam mo itong story na ito naman ang nangyari samin ng hubby ko ngayon sya ang bestfriend ko hubby kopa c: I thank the Lord for bringing him to me c:

Clarissa said...

aawww!!Ate,ang sweet mo naman!!Na-touch ako!