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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Better Sleep for Less!

When our son was born, we have a queen bed where my husband and I slept on for five years. It is still in good shape that is why we keep it by putting it to the guest room. My husband likes it a lot, but since our son sleeps with us now even though he has his own room and a bed bunk, He still wants to sleep with us. So, we decided to buy a queen bed. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t like it at all after a month of sleeping on it. It hurts his back. Then he told me he wants to buy a new one. I told him, we need to save while looking for something we both like and comfortable to sleep on and most of all one that fits our budget, plus would match our bedroom furniture. So, we went shopping and didn’t find the one that meets our need. I went and search online instead. Fortunately, I have found Time 4 Sleep, wherein they sell all types of beds, mattresses and accessories. You name it, they have it from leather beds, wooden beds, childrens beds, metal beds to name some. They also offer Memory Foam mattresses and standard mattresses. And if you are looking for accessories, they have those, too; like memory foam pillow, headboards and bedroom furniture. Right now is the best time to purchase for they have for up to half the price of the original price. Order an item for f. 499.00 and the shipping will be free. One of the great things about them is that, they deliver it the very next day! What are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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