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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Sleeping Position Can Say About a Couple?

First row:
1. - couples, where the woman depends on her man
2. - older man / very young girl couples
3. - after having an argument

Second row:
4. - after a long day at work.
5. - their relationship is in peril
6. - they trust each other.

After looking at these pictures, I don't think I agree with what they said. For me it is not even close to reality. Don't you think? I posted it here to stir some conversation. Oh, btw, got this one while searching for some images to be used in my posts :-)


Umma said...

hahaha.. we always hug each other before going to sleep and sleep side ways once feeling sleepy na..

Cecile said...

same with us, Umma :-)

niko said...

hheheh. our sleeping position is number 2 and 6! :)

we slept hugging and getting stiff necked the next morning..

nice post. but yeah i dnt agree with most of them.. maybe number 3 is right hahah.

how are u dear??

Dhemz said...

hhaha....parehas kami ni sistah parehas sab day ta te....amo may kasama pang holding hands..hush! hehehe,,..;0 in the middle of the night mabaw-an nalang namo nga we're sleeping gakos napod balik...hhahah...joke!