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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Night!

I couldn't sleep last night no matter how hard I've tried. So once again, I ended up staying up late. Funny because 'though I stayed up late last night, I was too lazy to finish the tasks I got work. I just surfed the net and visited my Friendster account. I finally decided to go to bed at around 2:23am, but still it took at least a good 20 minutes before I fell asleep. Then, I have to force myself to get up because I need to finish my job which is due today. So I got up 6:35, thank goodness and was able to finished it early :-). Now, I have to start finishing other job assigned to me; and hoping to get a break afterward! I am wishing myself luck for a sleep if I'm lucky to get it this morning!


chubskulit said...

ganyan ako minsan ate, now matter how hard i try to sleep, di talaga ako makatulog

Mom of Four said...

Maybe you have so many things in your mind that you had hard time falling aslweep. Ganyan din ako, so sometimes, I try to clear my thoughts..or I just take Benadryl, and it works..Hahaha..So many opps huh.. Nawala ang PR ko gawa ng PPP, no ba dapat kong gawin??