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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Long Lost Friend!

Here is my long lost friend whom I have finally found through Facebook :-)!

Amazing how internet helps connect people online. I lost touch of my friends in the Philippines when I went overseas. We were still okay and have communications back when I was in Malaysia; but when I moved here in America to get married, that's when our communication started to fail. At first I thought it was because we are all married and have families of our own that need us and that we will get in touch again, but I was wrong. Last night when checking on my Facebook account, I found a long lost friend and I was so happy for that.


Joops said...

Is facebook like friendster? I have no idea what it is hehehe..

Cecile said...

nop, facebook is very different fron friendster, you might want to check it out; it is very cool!

anyway, thanks for always visiting my blogs :-)

have a nice evening, there!