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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prescription for Healthy Hair!

I used to have a nice, silky, shiny and smooth hair when I was single. But for some reason after I got pregnant and gave birth to our son, my hair seemed to be in distress. I started losing hair. Now every time I see long, beautiful, smooth and shiny hair like the hair my friend has back in Texas, I can’t help but wishing and fantasizing that they are mine or at least I have the same hair. Now what I have left is an above the shoulder hair that are a little bit thin. My husband started to notice it and was worried. Then one day, I asked my friend, what is her secret to her hair? Is there a particular brand of hair care she is using? I am so glad when she said: she is using bc bonacure products for her hair and they are available online. I hugged and kissed her for telling me that. I immediately went online and searched for those hair products she mentioned. BC Bonacure has a line of products especially made for hair with damage. They offer shampoo to repair and rescue damage hair, light volume shampoo, shampoo to restore hair to name a few. They have hair product selection good both for men and women’s hair. I like all their products especially the BC Bonacure Q10 Time Restore Shampoo. If you have hair problems and needs repair badly, go to their site and find products designed for your type of hair and start enjoying your hair, flipping your hair around just like the models in a hair commercials. I will definitely buy these hair products. Right now, everything in their store is in discount prices, plus the shipping is super fast; they even offer flat rate shipping on all orders over $4.95!

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