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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Books about Teeth

I bought these books about taking care of teeth by going to the dentist, brushing teeth at least twice a day for Jacob in preparation for his appointment on Monday. I just hope and pray that he will finally agree to have his teeth clean without any fuss. We have been reading these books with him for almost a month now and he really likes them. We hoping that these help. The books are very neat; and both even explain about names of teeth and why we lose baby teeth... and more!


Mom of Four said...

Wow, that's a great idea ate Cecile. I will look for some of those books for Wrozlie. Roan brushes his teeth everyday, Wrozlie only eats the toothpaste, grrr...
Take care and Goodluck on Jacobs dental appointment.

Emmie said...

I agree fab idea, hope your hard work pays off!

Dhemz said...

Good job TCes...pretty soon I will get thst kind of books for Akesha,,..hehhehe!

* Salamat tuod sa imo comment te ha...about sa flash pinas man to gikan..pina dala sako mama...nangita lagi ko ato dre waman ko kakita jud...may nalang kay sige sad pada si mama ug mga tagalog nga educational stuff para kay Akesha...gnaturuan mo ba si jacob ug tagalog te?

She said...

hello dear. thanks for visiting my blog!! am ok, coping!! hehehe..thanks so much really!! during my day off i will be reading more of your entries..cant wait for that!! Have a nice day and hope you are always doing great!!

raquel said...

Hello Cecile,

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