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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Do You Love About Your Husband?

I would like to thank, Umma for giving me this lovable tag :-)! Thanks, dear! I really like it because I can brag about my husband and how much he means to me and vice versa!

Matt and I met on LDS Singles Online in 2001. After sending emails, phones calls and snail mail letters for six months, we decided to meet. Six months after we got engaged, got married and been together since then. And I can not believe it! This September will be our eight years wedding anniversary. I am glad we are still together despite of the up and downs in our life as couple. We are not perfect just like any other normal couple, but we do our best to make it one and still working on it! Anyway, here are the lists of the reasons why I love him so much!....

My husband may not be my first love, but he is my last and forever love!

He will do everything in his power to make me and my son safe and protected.

He is hardworking husband and a good provider.

He is a handyman; help me with chores.

A devoted husband and father.

He apologizes even though it is my fault most of the time.

He never forgets to phone me everyday, even when I am in the Philippines.

He is sad when I am sad and happy when I am.

He always confides to me first before doing something.

He never do a thing without my permission.

He always follow my leads even though it is against his will.

He loves me for who I was and am now.

Very understanding, patient and loves my family.

Never complains even if I don't make meal.

He worry too much when I forget to take my medicines.

I love him because whatever I decide to do, he is there to support me.

I love it because we never keep any secrets from each other.


Umma said...

WOW! how sweet naman ni banana mo Ces.. I guess most of us here are so lucky wives bec husbands yield on us hahaha

Cecile said...

I think you are right, Umma :-), indeed we are lucky having good husbands who love us!

thanks for the sunday visit, dear!

Clarissa said...

aawww!!How sweet naman!!Kinilig po ako!!\(^0^)/