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Monday, January 19, 2009

Out to the mall we go....

Today is a holiday (Martin Luther King), so there is no school. Hubby told me this morning before he left for work to make this day a productive one for me and our son.. He said we could go to the park. I said, it is cold outside to go play in the playground. Then he said: go to the mall or do something, just get out of the house! So we did went to the mall today. My son and I have brunch at the food court. I wasn't going to order Chinese food, but Jacob said he wants rice and chicken and that is what we have. I bought him a chocolate milkshake at Wendy's. I just have water for myself. After that, we did some shopping for his pants at Old Navy to wear at church and a sckechers for me. I have been meaning to buy that sneakers for a long time but was very expensive. Well, today, it was 50% off, so grab it and bought it :-). Then, went to play place at the mall and let my son play for a little while. Before we go home stopped by at Target to return the jacket I bought for hubby because it doesn't fit him. Finally, got home around 3:30 pm.
This container I bought at Target today to organize Jacob's stuffs from school and bills to be paid before filing them in the filing cabinet.
Here Jake's pants and my sneaker.

Oh, by the way, it didn't snow yesterday. My poor son didn't see any snow this year! Oh well, maybe next year.


shydub said...

wow, malling that is nice.good for you, family bonding. our road here kind of nasty from the snow. we have snow here a bunch.

Cecile said...

good for you dear, we haven't seen snow this winter yet.

Joops said...

its not over yet for the snow, usually it last till february to march..