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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Treasured Award

This very nice award was given to me by the Lovely and very Sweet and Nice Couple, Rose and Joops. Thank you , Guys for thinking of me and including me on the lists. It gives me chill every time I think of it. I am indeed so glad to have met you here on the Blogsphere:-)! Hope to meet you when you get back here in W. Virginia.

I am now sharing this award to: Sweetiepie, Madz, Juliet, Cookie, Liz, Amy, Iceah, Danah, Race, Redge, Imelda, Clarissa and Nanay Belen.


Clarissa said...

Yey!!Meron din akong award dito!!Thanks Ate Ces!!\(^0^)/

Cecile said...

you are welcome, Clarissa :-) I am glad you like it!

Race said...

thanks for this cecile! regards!