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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow at Last!

Here are couple of shots I took this morning.
Finally, it snowed this morning! Yehey. Jacob was very happy about that. Unfortunately, the snow did not last long enough for him to play outside. My poor little man :-(. Weird because it did not get cold as we expected. Anyway, because of the snow, school were closed. I guess people here on this part of America freak out when snow comes as well as hail; why? Because some stores owners decided to not open and some open a couple of hours later. Back in Texas, people love snow and school doesn't close as long as it is not a heavy one.


Mom of Four said...

Ay tama ka dyan ate Cecile, dito din sa amin nag ice naman, ang mga puno namin iced lahat... No school..people in the South don't really like snow..They panic when it snows..
My kids had been wanting heavy snow so they can make a snow man..but, unluckily, we will wait til March maybe..

niko said...

whoa. di pa ko nakakakita ng snow sa buong buhay ko!

but am happy seeing pictures with snow, sumasaya na ko. makahawak ako niyan someday naku super happy na ko!! hahah

thanks for ur lovely comments dear.. take care lagi! mwah

Clarissa said...

Bigla tuloy akong nilamig dito!!We still don't have snowflakes here!!

Cecile said...

oo nga, Liz, kakabaliw minsan mga tao dito, di sanay sa snow hehehe

Cecile said...

good, Niko :-0 who knows someday ma experience mo rin and snow and yena can play and make snowman also!

goodnight na lang and talk to you tomorrow :-)

salamat sa visit, too!

Cecile said...

what month ba nag s snow dyan sa japan, Clarissa?

Clarissa said...

other part ng Japan,Te meron na!Pero dito sa amin,wala pa!(T_T)