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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Wish Lists

Oh, how much I would like to have this purse and sunglasses! But they are very expensive and I don' think I can afford to get them. I will just wish that someday when I get rich :-)! Who knows, right? Everything is possible if you have faith!
I saw them online while looking for a cheap Peter Pan movie for my son this morning at We bought three in one DVD of Peter Pan, The Never Land and Tinker Bell for $44 last night and I decided to take it back. I think I can get great deal for these DVD online.


Leslie Ann said...

kaya mo yan sis! who knows? ang ganda nung bag ha!

She said...

hi, just dropping by. i think you are already rich!! The wealth you have in your hands now if far more valuable!!

Enchie said...

who knows, you might just get it.soon :)have a lovely week!