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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling Down....

I can't help but feel down sometimes, just like today. I can not concentrate to what I was doing; there are lot of things going on in our lives. Job lost means losing our medical insurance, finding new job to name a few. As we all know this recession affected more people and families. Competition on finding a job is the main concern we have right now. Matt has been working like crazy since he found out he is going to be laid off and still didn't have any luck! I am getting frustrated and so is he. Our plan now is to take our savings and move back to Texas, in San Antonio this time.


Dhemz said...

Oh no...sad to hear that te...I know that there is a solution for all of this...ganyan kasi ang buhay minsan eh...I know you will survive...cheer up te..everything will be ok. So you are planning on moving back to TX?

Cecile said...

yup, Dhemz, hoping that our luck is waiting for us there :-)

thanks for the words of comfort, we needed that :-)

thanks for always visiting my blogs; sorry for not being able to leave a message :-(. will try to do my best!

Juliet said...

hi cel, wag mawalan nang pag asa darating din yan. alam ko ang feelings mo ngayon pero basta darating din yan. tc

Carlota said...

Hi Cel- we are in the same boat. I heard maraming opportunities sa TX. hope na you guys will settle there just fine. Things will get better, we are just hoping na pretty soon.

You know I am still not feeling good not having a job. sigh*** Take care Cel.