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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Knick Knacks Collections

I love collecting stuffs like the stuffs in the pictures below.I started collecting them right after I got married. Sometimes it drives my husband crazy lol! Anyway, here are some of them!

These are the Catchinas my husband gave me when he visited me the first time in Malaysia. The small one I bought it myself in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The purple doll was given by a friend from Texas, while the other one I bought it at yard sale and was still in the original packaging.
I started collecting bear when a friend of mine from Malaysia gave me the bear frame on the left.
When Jacob was born, my cousin from Florida sent me a gift for baby shower; and it was a Willow Tree products. The one with two kids was the one I bought at a gift shop.
Bells from every states I have been to since I got here in the U.S.; three of them are still missing, I still need to buy them.


chathu said...

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Dhemz said...

wow! dami mo collectibles..heheh! sakin naman te.every state I have been to..yung small shots na baso naman sakin...ano ba kulang na bell sayo? may isa ako dito na Idaho..hhee..kasi when we went to idaho d ako nakakita ng glass shots..kaya when I went to goodwill nakita ko I bought it! glaing mo te..dami mo knick knacks!

Cecile said...

kulang sa akin yung sa Louisiana, arkansas, california, florida, north carolina, georgia and maryland.

kalahati pa ang kulang dhemz hehehe

Dhemz said...

ay kung makakita ko te ug cali..ingnon taka...hehhe..ako pada sa imo...puhon! hehehe....:)

Cecile said...

wow, you will do that for me? salamat, dhemz, so appreciate your concern :-) , kay na wa ko kabalo kung kanus a man mi mobalik diha sa california though have cousins to visit someday!

Dhemz said...

sure no problem..basta pag makakita ko puhon...I sure naa na sya dire...kaluag sa CALI...hehhe!