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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Summer last year, we visited my cousin and her family in Florida. It took us like 12 hours drive before we got there. We have missed the turn, that is why. My cousin then told me about GPS and how it has been very useful with her and her family. She encouraged us that we should buy one to avoid getting lost again. Although my husband doesn't want to buy one, I am still looking for one that fits our need especially me. I drive a lot especially when my husband is at work and I certainly could use one.


Clarissa said...

Navigation really helps a lot most especially for new drivers--lalo na kung di mo pa kabisado ang mga pasikot-sikot!

Anonymous said...

naku ate talagang kelangan din nga natin ng ganyan c hubby gusto din nya bumili for her work and we need to buy din talaga dahil pupunta din kmi maryland sa tita ko for my sister wedding this year.

Cecile said...

yup, Clarissa, we are still new here in the area at di ko pa masyado kabisado ang lugar esp. in Richmond.

Cecile said...

Grace, thanks for the visit; yup to avoid getting lost, kasi it is a waste of time eh, di ba?