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Monday, March 16, 2009

Compact Flash Card

My husband bought me a new laptop as a Christmas present and I am loving it. The old one I have was sent back home to my brother to be used in his Internet cafe. So what we did with all the pictures in the old was saved it to a compact flash card. I can not believe how many photos fit into it. If you are looking for an item to place all your pictures, important documents, photos and etc....why not choose get one for yourself? And be amazed how huge the space it provides.


Ron Centeno said...
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Ron Centeno said...

Since the birth of digital cameras, we never had to carry those rolls of film again. (except if you still prefer using it because film is still the best) We have this CF cards that can store as many photos as we want according to its storage space. It's so portable that it makes life a little easier.