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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Unproductive Day!

I have a slow day today. I have been lazy, sluggish lately. And Today, I was bored the whole day. I just stared at the computer and can't think of anything to write or do...not to mention that my hubby is sick for two days now. He got stomach bug. My poor other half :-(. We have plans to do on those days, but now we are stuck here. We didn't even go to church for my son's Primary Activity tonight. Now the house is a total mess! So my plan for tomorrow? Take a day or two off blogging since there is not much opps, plus one of the advertiser's gave me a ban for making the Wordpress opps...darn! It is my first time since I started blogging and I hate it! And that added more to my not so nice feelings today. I will only blog at night when hubby and son are asleep. So, see you tomorrow night, friends! Have a nice evening...GOODNIGHT!


shydub said...

Ohh yeah, that feeling suckishly. last weekend I lost my interest in blogging when i missed up one ofmy post and got rejected hehehe. na down ako power oi, my entrecard sd went down coz nawad an ko gana drop, visit ra nku mga bloggy friends. Hope mabalik nka sa business soon. Nalingaw ko tan aw sa imu baby pics dha imu post, iya gyud gitagaan justice imu feeling karn.

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

We all get to experience a day where nothing seems right, but we can't do anything about it. The good thing is, this, too, shall pass. I hope you're feeling better now.

Clarissa said...

I hope you will feel better,Ate Ces and with all those opps.Ang hirap din pala ng paid blogger noh?

Dhemz said...

wow what a day for you TCes...sos kung silinga pa lang ta te...lingawon ta jud ka...hehehhe!

hope all is well kay banana mo...lagi uy ana sad na si banana nako usahay..stomach flu....:(

Te kinsa nag ban nimo ang PPP? sos ako 2 na akong bans sa PPP...tapos ang nag ban pa jud sako is mga gagmay ug amount..d jud sya worth it....imo unta g fight imo right te...kay sa PPP dba ingon sila tagaan na ug freedom ang bloggers to write anything we want..bisan magsunod pa ang opps...unsa diay te naa diay wordpress nga opps? naglibog ko....hehhehe!

hope all is well teCes...don't get depress...lain raba pag ma depress nasad ka kay ang tambal ana kay shopping...hehehhe...joke..just want to cheer you up...lagi te no..kung silingan palang ta....hehehe!

Mom of Four said...

hay naku, ganyan din feelign ko lately eh, parang lungkot mode ako wan ko ba. buti nga i feel better today. 4am gising na ko, tapos sabi ko mag blog hop ako. Ingat ka ate Cecile, I hope you feel better soon.. Gaya nga ng sabi mo sa akin, take your time, dito lang kami, waiting sa u kung kelan ka magkaroon ng lakas na mag blog hop. we still love you no matte what..