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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wedding Invitations

When we got married, we didn't really need to send wedding invitations because it was done simply, solemnly and privately with only family, few relatives and closed friends present. I didn't have any regret at all, but it would been nice have we sent wedding invitations with our friends overseas even though they won't be able to come. Anyway, it is every woman's dream to have her wedding done perfectly and completely; and if you are getting married you should visit the link provided to make your wedding dream realize.


amiable amy said...

mao my case i had to make my own wedding invitation kay dili man ko ganahan sa ready made hahaha...butang nko amo pictures

Cecile said...

yup, ako rin mas gusto ko i make my own wedding invitations, mas mura pa, di ba?

Clarissa said...

I checked up their site--magaganda naman ang mga designs nila.Good for those na walang alam to make their own tulad ko.

Umma said...

Labay sad me diri Ces..daghan na sad me na missed na mga posts at tags huhuhu... too much things to catch up pa..

Cecile said...

it's okay, dear Umma, no problem just take your time :-) I am glad you are feeling better now :-)

Ron Centeno said...

May not be my topic but i would like to give my ces the wedding of her dreams.

Ces, i don't know if I told you that my honeys name is Cecile too.


Take care!