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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March, National Noodle Month!

March is National Noodle Month.

To celebrate, we’ve compiled a few fun facts:

- Noodles can be traced back to the Etruscans in the fourth century B.C.

- Roman mythology tells of the god Vulcan inventing a device that made strings of dough.

- Thomas Jefferson is credited with bringing the first pasta maker to America in 1789 after returning from serving as ambassador to France.

- In the U.S., 84 percent of Northeasterners eat pasta on a weekly basis, compared to 70 percent of Southerners.

I just think it is very interesting. I never heard of noodle month before have you?


She said...

hello are correct, i had not heard of noodle months as well. iba nga iyan..

Have a nice day

Clarissa said...

haven't heard of that,too!!

eden said...

my first time to hear that ..