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Monday, March 30, 2009

Done Running Errands for Today!

Hubby and I were busy today. We started our day with a 30 minutes walk before breakfast. Then, after breakfast, we got ourselves ready for errands we planned doing today. We went first at a garage to have our car check. Thankfully , after two hours of waiting, the car check is over. We then went for lunch sine we were both starving. We ate at Ponderosa buffet to save us from trip home since there was no food cooked anyway. The foods were very salty and after that, we decided to removed it on the lists of restaurant we want tdine in again. Then, headed to Dept. of Health afterward. Talked to a very nice lady for less than 15 minutes, then we were on the way to grocery shopping. We did most of our errands for today, but pick up application forms for job. Oh well, we have plenty of time to do that tomorrow. I still need to pay bills and balance the checks tonight.


Joops said...

I never like Ponderosa but some say that their steak is good...

thanks for the visit and comment

Mom of Four said...

I have never been to Ponderosa, we tried LongHOrn but it's a little pricey for us. I cook our own steak, it's cheaper.

Glad that your day turned out fine. Take care.

Cecile said...

Jopps, twas our first time, and the last :-)!

We were just curios to see how their foods are; and also because of the sniper before on the news...they became famous remember?

Cecile said...

Liz, yup, long horn is pricey, too. The last time we ate here was when I was pregnat sa first child namin almost 7 years ago pa.

mms mura pag ukaw na lang nagluto, diba?