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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top 5 Women in My Life Tag

This is tag was shared to me by Amy of Amiable Amy, one of the friends I met in the blogging world. She is a very smart yet very humble person I met on the internet. Visit her blogs to get to know her better. Thanks, Amy for this one!

Here are the Top WOMEN in My Life:

My Mother – She is the only woman I met who have suffered a lot in her life raising us with my father. A very unselfish person I know. She thinks of us first before her own, no wonder why she is loved not only by her children, but by grandchildren. She will do everything to make sure we have foods on table and gives us whatever we need. She never rests, she is still helps/supports my nieces educations. I love my mother so much even though I didn't grow up in her care till I was ready to go to school.

2. My Grandmother (Carmen) – She is my grandfather's sister, who took care of me when I was still a baby. Loves me as her own child and spoiled me a lot. I love her so much. I still feel bad for not being able to see her when she died. But I know she understood the reason why. I still miss her a lot!

My Grandmother ( Anastacia) – I lived with her when I was young and then after I finished high school. A very energetic person who never gets tired of working for a living to support her kids and grand kids. She is close to 100 year old now and is getting weak due to old age. I wished I could visit her soon.

4. My Mother in law (Audrey) - She is a very nice mother in law I have known in my life. A very supportive, loving and kind person I know. She even treats me like her own daughter. Most of all, we have similar likes and dislikes, that is the reason why we like each other.

5. My Adopted Mother (Linda) - She acted like my mother in the absence of my mother. She was there for me when I needed my mother; looked after me when I was in the hospital after every surgeries I have been to. By the way, she is a Caucasian. Her family treats us like we are part of her family. They are in Texas where we used to lived and we miss her/them so much!

Now, I am passing it to Dhemz, Umma, Rose, Clarissa, Amy, Niko, Liza, Cacai, Shydub, Maria, Analee, KittyKat, Kikamz, Hazel, Melody, Juliet, She, Richard, Joops, Juliana, Sweetiepie and everyone on my blog lists. Grab it guys if you want to share us the most wonderful women in your life.


Juliet said...

nice tag baka pag may time ako kunin ko ito. sorry kung minsan yung mga tag or award mo sa akin di ko makuha talagang walang time na.

Enchie said...

this is a lovely tag. makes you appreciate more and thank the women who inspired you...

Mom of Four said...

Ate Cecile, ako ba ang ni tag mo????
Wow, oks ang post mo ah, sino kaya ang mailagay kong top 5 women..of course number 1 na ang nanay ko, isip pa ko ng 4..thanks for the tag if ako nga yung LIZA, hehehe..

payatot said...

sempre dun ako kay madir kase sya lahat ang nagdala ng hirap sa loob ng 9mos sa kanyang sinapupunan at pagkatapos ay aalagaan nya hanggang sa lumaki..di ba?

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Cecs, thank you for this tag. However, I already posted mine last March 3, Amy and Grace tagged me also hehehe

Thanks! add mo ako sa Facebook ha hehehe

amiable amy said...

thanks for posting the tag and thanks for sharing the important women of your life

You have absolutely have a wonderful influence from the women of your life. That is why you are kind, loving and passionate person and a good mother and a loving wife. Thumbs up Ces.

Clarissa said...

Me too!!top 1 din ang ermats ko!!Thanks for sharing the women that is important to you!
Grab ko uli to--sorry,naka-pending pa po yung iba!!promise,I'll try to do them po!^_^

Dhemz said...

wow good to know about your top 5 women tCes....:) Salamat sa tag te ha....hehhehe....:) daghan na day ka surgery tCes? just curious...hhehehe!

naa day ka adopted mother? hehee....good to know...and you are one of the inspirations too tCes....:) keep it up!

Cacai_Nad said...

Halah Ate Ces, am sorry that it's just now that I saw this one. Am so very sorry Te Ces- if I remember I will really put your name for the sender. Well, I can still cope up- I will put your name in there. Muahhugs Ate CEs.