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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time for Myself

Finally, this morning my husband let me stay home instead of going with them in going to her brothers house in North Carolina. Yehey! I just want time for myself even for a day. I have been feeling down lately because of everything that is going on in our life. I just get emotional all of a sudden and cry... and I don't want him seeing me like that. I don't want him to worry about me and that is the last thing I want him to feel specially now. Anyway, I spend most of the day shopping stuffs we need...and made me feel better. I miss them though. He called two hours ago telling me they are about to go have dinner at Mexican restaurant and they will be home around 11 tonight...that means I will eat my dinner all by myself wahhh. He told me that jacob didn't even ask for me...all he does was play with his cousin. Sounds to me like they are having so much fun which is good :-).


amiable amy said...

ayaw paguol guol diha,mulabay ra naa...just survive each day and don't lose hope...prayer ra naa daugon and actions...

ako bitaw, i need to move fast to accomplish my dreams pero usahay lagi, apektado ang plano basta naa musingit nga panghitabo...gusto na jud ko mo trabaho insakto para dako ako mapadala sa Pinas...naa baya ko daghan bills didto...ako house mortgage pud...hayyy...

busa stay happy and don't get sad...the sun will shine the next day my patient kay in God hands ra ang tubag ana tanan

Dhemz said...

na intawon te uy..mag worry man sad ta sa imoa...hay buhay!

ako sad usahay ma depress bya sad ko....pero ako lang permi ask kay Lord na unta he will always there for us no matter sure te...we are fortunate to have what we have right to other people who is struggling in life...ang importante lang permi is healthy atong family..tapos you know the love inside sa atong family....kami sad daghan bya sad me problem...hehhe...pero usahay ikatawa lang namo..hehehe!

I know that there is a solution for all of these things happen sa atong life...just think positive and move on...lift up your hands to God...:)

Na ako sad te..pag ma depress gani ko..daghan akong ma shopping...hahha..parehas jud ta...tapos after ug shopping murag makaginhawa nako ug gamay sa akong gibati...hehhe...;0

thanks for sharing tCes...:)

Clarissa said...

sometimes us mommies needs a little time of ourselves--just enjoy it!!minsan lang naman eh!!