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Monday, March 30, 2009

Eco Friendly Small House Plans

After selling our house in Texas, we have been living in an apartment for a year now. I really miss our first house and I can't wait have own one again someday. I am not really in to a big house. There's only the three of us and later will be just me and my husband when our little one leave home for college. It would be nice to own a house that is built with Eco friendly materials, great detailed with unique touched. I would probably ask my brother to make House Floor Plans for us since he is an Engineer. That way we will save some money. Anyway, while thinking of way to save money when building a small house of my dream, I came across this website called that is building small home plan designs that meet every families need in a big house. The small house includes modern conveniences, storage area, privacy and more. These homes are designed with 500-1500 sq ft and eco friendly without disrupting the typical family lifestyle. The design is for family to fit family needs rather than family to fit in to. I really like that idea, that way, you can use all the rooms in the house without missing or wasting other room or space. If you are looking for an eco friendly home, why not visit their website to learn more about this family friendly small house plans.

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