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Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow is Finally here....

Finally, we got a snow, yehey! Yesterday night started snowing and when we woke up this morning, the snow is about 7 inches high. We were all excited that after breakfast we all went ot and played with the snow. Jacob was vert excited and happy. I heard that this is the first great snow they've ever have in Virginia. I think it is weird that we barely see people or kids playing outside. I just think they should enjoy it while it last! We even drove in to the neighborhood and didn't see any one out. All the houses are close and cars not driven yet. Anyway, here are some photos I have taken, some will be posted on my other blog.

Here is hubby taking snow out of the car before driving in to the neighborhood.
Jake is enjoying the snow himself.
Here is Angelica, our neighbor who is playing with Jacob.
There they are together.
Walking to the office to see Daddy clean the car.


Clarissa said...

waaa!!dito sa amin wala pang snow!!!brrr!!bigla akong nilamig!
Good thing Jacob is enjoying snows!!

Dhemz said...

woi may ka playmate na diay si jake...that is good...hhehhe!

Wow...snow kaayo uy...hhahah...glad we don't live there....hehhe...:) hoist your ride...pwede muholam? hehhehe....:)unsa na sya nga model te?