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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Don't Drink and Boat!

I can't swim, but I love boating :-). I miss the time when I was single where my friends and I go to the beach and then enjoy boating. It is very interesting to me to see different stuffs under the water. Anyway, boating is like driving. You don't drink alcohol and then and drive, the same goes with boating. It can be very dangerous as well all it is against the law. What I means is that Boating OUI is just as dangerous and as illegal as drinking while driving a car. Alcohol is more dangerous on water than on the road. It affects your visualization, dexterity, sense of balance as well as your judgment. And those are the good reasons why you shouldn't operate a boat when you are drunk. Alcohol indeed affects people in different ways you can imagine. Basically, alcohol totally slows down reaction as well as impulsive reaction time that can cause an inner ear disturbance, thus affects equilibrium. In the state of Arizona, they strictly implement BUI boaters...just like in most states. I have embedded a video below so you can see what I am saying here. What I am also saying is that boating can be very enjoyable and more fun when you are not under the influence of alcohol. And just like driving, when boating you also shift, so you really need to pay close attention for it can be noisy, too! Do you know that sun and wind affects your visualization? Yes, it is! So, if you are planning to go boating, be very careful...remember , don't drink and boat!

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