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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home on New Year's Day!

My family and I decided to just stay home for New Year. So my son and I stayed home while hubby was at work. Yup, he has to work on New Years day and can't do anything about it. But he came home three hours early because he was bored and there was nothing to do there since the company is closing in less than two months. So I did a nice New Year's dinner for us since we didn't do anything for Christmas. I baked a 13 pound turkey in 2 and a ½ hours, can you believe that? I couldn't but it was than in such a short time. Then, made a coleslaw, green beans, corn on the cob and stuffing; well I forgot the cranberry sauce and a dessert :-)! We just have ice cream and sparkling cider. I think that was enough. Now, we have lots of left over turkey which I am planning to put some in the freezer. What about you, guys? What did you do today?

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