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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Application Errors

Lately I have been experiencing problems with our internet connections and don’t know how to fix it. The browser indicated xpnetdiag.exe missing which by the way no idea what that was. So I call the internet provider to fix it for us, but most of the times I ended up waiting for them till next technician is available to help me out. Good thing I have found XPNETDIAG.EXE, it helps me to identify and fix connection problem by monitoring the health/status of the network. This tool also scans through the common malfunctions of network and once detected the tool tries fixing the problem for me. This tool is very cool! I also found out that through XPNETDIAG.EXE, you can detect issues in the network connectivity status, and the network diagnostic for windows XP which we have, process and analyzes some network components which are common to have problems with. Basically, it performs some routine tests related to IP configuration, default gateway, Winsock, DNS, firewalls and internet connection and validation. This tool can do a lot of stuff than I can imagine possible. It also aids with computer systems using HTTP protocols and can make outbound communication with other computers like instant messenger, chat rooms and more. Try using XPNETDIAG.EXE tool in almost all your computer’s problems.

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