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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Feast for Giving Thanks

Holidays and family traditions seem to revolve around the dinner table. Yet, while eating is a favorite Thanksgiving Day pastime, dialysis patients are all too aware of the impact holiday foods can have on their labs. This year enjoy the foods you love without suffering the bad effects. Read article

I used to be a dialysis patient and I tell you the diet for a person who undergo dialysis is very different from the foods the normal or healthy person. It was hard for me that time; I am glad I was over it and is now enjoying the foods a healthy person enjoys. Thanks to the the toddler who donated his two little kidneys to lengthen my life for the sake of my son and husband. The Lord always works in such a way that blesses the life of each one of us and according to our needs. Anyway, If you are on dialysis, just read the link provided above from Da Vita.

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